LEMKEN realigns product range

As a specialist in professional arable farming, LEMKEN believes in knowledge, quality and innovation. Farmers can choose from a wide range of high-quality soil cultivation, drilling and crop care technology.

In the crop protection sector, some changes will come into effect at the end of 2020:

LEMKEN will discontinue the production of conventional field sprayers and in return strengthen and expand its business in mechanical weed control and selective crop protection. In this context, production at the Alpen and Haren sites will be reorganised.

Read the press release on the strategic realignment.

For our customers, business partners and journalists, we have also compiled the most important questions and answers. Should you have any further questions, we would be pleased to receive your message.

We would be pleased to receive your message!

Questions and answers:

About 75 jobs will be affected. Together with the works council, we are seeking socially acceptable solutions for the necessary cuts.

We make every effort to find responsible and socially acceptable solutions that are in line with the values of the company. The aim is to avoid redundancies for operational reasons wherever possible. We are in detailed discussions with the works council on how to proceed.

The production site for field sprayers in Haren (Emsland) will be retained and even expanded; the seed drills will be assembled there in future. This step will enable production to be expanded in the near future to meet the sharp rise in demand in this sector. We are using the freed-up capacity at the main plant in Alpen for the growing production of soil cultivation equipment.

The R&D department for seed drills remains in Alpen. We see the greatest potential in centralised development to network all our products smartly and to successfully lead them into the digital age. Ultimately, with this strategy we are also pursuing the goal of securing all our production sites for the long-term.

Steketee continues to produce its machines and solutions at the site in Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet in the Netherlands. A relocation of production to Germany is not planned. However, we will cooperate much more closely in the development of smart networked product components.

For the field sprayer products of the Nova and Orion series we are looking for a solution outside LEMKEN.

The Orion and Nova models are the latest innovations from LEMKEN in the field sprayer segment. The self-propelled Nova was awarded “Machine of the Year 2020” at the last Agritechnica, and the Orion has also been extremely well received by our customers. We do not want to withhold this potential from the market.

We are concentrating on our core competencies and with this current decision we are giving our product range a very clear profile: LEMKEN stands for innovative and sustainable crop cultivation. The portfolio streamlining is being carried out from a position of strength and is a strategic step.

No, of course not. However, we can see for the future that the legal requirements for chemical plant protection are becoming increasingly strict, and that throughout Europe. We are therefore striving for more sustainability in plant cultivation and will offer machines in which mechanical weed control, camera technology and sensor technology are intelligently linked. In this way, we are creating solutions for all farmers, whether they are engaged in conventional or organic farming, to carry out their crop protection measures effectively and economically. And when it comes to soil cultivation and drill technology, LEMKEN of course remains the innovative supplier for all professional farmers and contractors.

Fertilizer spreaders remain part of our product portfolio. Alongside Steketee hoeing machines, fertilizer spreaders are an important component of sustainable agriculture, which we will continue to expand in the future.

The trend towards mechanical crop protection continues unabated, not least due to pressure from consumers. Steketee not only has innovative hoeing technology in its portfolio, but also the most intelligent camera technology on the market. We want to link these machines with our digital solutions and make them capable of learning. We will provide farmers and contractors with the best model for smart sustainable farming – whether organic or conventional.

In principle, we remain the owner of all patent rights. For the Nova and Orion field sprayer models, which we very successfully presented at Agritechnica, we are looking for a new home outside LEMKEN. In this connection we are also striving for a solution under patent law.

With this step, LEMKEN wants to position itself strongly and independently for the future. We would like to strengthen and further expand our product range in the product areas of soil cultivation, sowing technology and crop care. In the future, “Crop Care” will concentrate on sustainable crop protection solutions (including the recently supplemented fertilizer spreaders). For this purpose, we acquired the Dutch hoeing technology specialist Steketee two years ago. This opens up opportunities to use mechanical weed control together with precise selective band spraying or spot spraying, thus contributing to more environmentally friendly solutions compared with area spraying. At the same time the farmer saves effort and costs with the new methods.

The legal requirements for chemical crop protection solutions have increased enormously in recent years and have become more and more heterogeneous on an international level. There is not one field spray standard. We can therefore only maintain our quality standards for conventional field sprayers at the cost of constantly decreasing economic efficiency. After more than 10 years we have not reached a market-relevant size in this segment. We have observed the development for a long time and evaluated long-term forecasts for the future. As a result, we no longer see any prospects for an attractive business development in the field of conventional spraying technology.

We see Europe as a leading indicator for global market development. Social acceptance of conventionally produced food is also declining outside Europe, while there is increasing demand worldwide for sustainably produced agricultural products. With our strategy of concentrating on innovative and sustainable crop cultivation, we are thus also setting the course for long-term healthy growth from a global perspective.

Corona influences the economy in many areas. However, the pandemic had no influence on our decision to withdraw from the conventional field sprayer segment. As a family business we traditionally plan and make long-term decisions.

For confirmed orders, the contractual conditions apply, without any subsequent separate cancellation options. We will carry out all orders properly. You will continue to receive spare parts and service as usual for at least 10 years after purchase from us.

All customers who own a LEMKEN field sprayer can continue to rely on our comprehensive range of services and spare parts from LEMKEN. The complete after-sales service will continue and spare parts will be delivered. We keep spare parts for at least 10 years and serve you during this time as a reliable and service-oriented partner.

Our customers can always rely on our comprehensive range of services. We are a reliable and service-oriented partner. We will continue to meet this obligation in the current situation. Until the end of 2020 we will continue to take orders for conventional field sprayers and deliver them as planned.

We continue to provide after-sales service for all LEMKEN sprayers in the usual manner. All customers can rely on our comprehensive service offer until at least 2030.

If you are considering a trade-in, please contact your dealer directly.

LEMKEN is currently not planning an exchange premium. If you are interested in a hoeing machine, we have early purchase offers. Please ask your dealer about this early purchase offer.

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